Join ACES Journey

Our participants are 15 years old or older who have one or more of the following disabilities: Mental Retardation, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Specific Learning Disability, Epilepsy/ Seizure Disorder, Mental Disorder, Chemical Dependency, Behavior or Physical Problems, Neurological Impairment, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Speech/ Language Impairment, Spinal Bifida, or Spinal Cord Injury. All of our participants share the same goal of integrating into society by working to become as independent, self-sufficient, and as skilled as possible.

You can join our dynamic network dedicated to the advancement of some of the most deserving members of our community by participating as a:

  • Service Provider
  • Employee
  • Volunteers
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We can change the life of those who have no hope

Alliance Community Employment Services works with individuals living with a wide range of mental, emotional and physical disabilities. Our goal is to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to secure and maintain employment. Through our many support systems, ACES can educate and expose individuals to lifetime success, both socially and economically. Your contribution will enable us to provide free job coaching, supported living, and in-home training to individuals with disabilities, all of which are much needed services.