DOE/DVR is a program under the Department of Labor for the vocational rehabilitation and placement in remunerative employment for persons who by reason of a defect or infirmity or handicap, whether congenital or acquired by accident, injury, disease or developmental circumstance, is or may be expected to be totally or partially incapacitated for remunerative occupation. The Smith-Fees Act of 1920 was the beginning of the public rehabilitation program for persons with disabilities. Funds were provided for vocational guidance, training, prosthetics, and placement services. There have been many laws enacted to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities. The 1992 Amendments to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 outlines how Congress ensures consumer choice in career opportunities.

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Services provide by ACES

  • Employment Services

Employment Services offers individuals with disabilities the opportunity to actively compete in a competitive workforce within the community.

  • Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment assist individuals with obtaining and maintaining competitive employment opportunities, which may be performed on a full-time or part-time basis in an integrated work environment.

We can change the life of those who have no hope

Alliance Community Employment Services works with individuals living with a wide range of mental, emotional and physical disabilities. Our goal is to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to secure and maintain employment. Through our many support systems, ACES can educate and expose individuals to lifetime success, both socially and economically. Your contribution will enable us to provide free job coaching, supported living, and in-home training to individuals with disabilities, all of which are much needed services.